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2021 Interior Design Trends Bespoke Kitchens

2021 Interior Design Trends

Each year we see new interior design trends becoming incredibly popular, and 2021 has got some stunning ideas to offer. With more of us at home once again, we’re seeing more homeowners spending their time redecorating and redesigning – if you’re one of them, we’ve outlined some of our favourite trends for you to consider implementing in your house!

Expanding the colour palette

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a huge amount of neutral-coloured homes, with white and grey being the classic, sleek look that we’re all so familiar with. As we entered 2021, we started seeing homes break free from these colour schemes and explore bold, bright colours that completely transform a room!

The best part of this design trend is that you can really personalise it to your tastes, so whether you like vibrant colours or prefer deeper, darker hues, you can decorate to your preference and create your dream home! Some of our personal favourites have been seeing the introduction of emerald green into homes, paired with stunning gold embellishments!

Bringing the outside in!

2021 Interior Design Trends PlantsOver the past 12 months, we’ve all spent way more time inside than we would ever have imagined. With that, it’s really highlighted to a lot of homeowners how much they missed being able to go for a walk with friends, sunbathe in the park, or have a drink in a pub garden!

With this, a lot of us have started to find ways to bring a bit of outside life inside with us to freshen the house up and stop the four walls closing in. One of the best ways that we’ve seen this happen is to bring plants and flowers inside. From big, leafy monsteras to climbing snake plants, there is a huge variety of plants that you can choose from that fit best into your home.

Some prefer to go low maintenance, in which case succulents can be a perfect option, but if you’re up for more of a challenge there are plenty of plants that require more than a weekly watering to fill your time! You can go to local florists and get advice on what works for your needs best.


2021 Interior Design Trends Home GymsBeing inside for so long has made a lot of us realise how much we miss the little things. A lot of people are missing going to the gym, which has resulted in the development of home gyms! This is a great option for so many people, as it opens up the opportunity for those who may not feel comfortable going to a gym to get involved in keeping fit as well as anyone who was a frequent gym-goer.

The ideal space is a garage or spare room if you have it, but there are also plenty of ways to keep active without buying lots of gym equipment. A yoga mat and some weights can be easily stored and pulled out when you’re ready to use it without taking up too much space.

Multi-functional space

2021 Interior Design Trends Home OfficeA lot of us have been working from home for the majority of the past year now, which has really raised the demand for home offices. Having a designated workspace is a popular interior design trend as it helps us stay more productive and feel more comfortable, as well as bring some normality to life and avoid any pains from not sitting correctly for hours at a time each day.

Some are lucky and have a room that they can dedicate to their work, in the form of an office or spare room, but some will need to utilise the space that they’ve got and find a way to strike a balance of an efficient workspace without taking over their home. This has developed into multi-functional rooms, especially in kitchens and dining areas. Being able to set up a workspace for the week and clear it away for the weekend means that you can have the best of both worlds without committing to one clear purpose for the room!

Office space is incredibly desirable at the moment, so this is a great trend to follow, especially if you’re thinking about how to sell your house fast in the coming months.


2021 Interior Design Trends Vintage ItemsThis design trend continues to evolve and come back in more and more striking ways, which is a gorgeous addition to any home. The best part of this trend is you can really mould it to your style and decide just how much of a focus you want it to be. Some homes are filled with vintage items, with a popular addition being old-fashioned record players and ornate mirrors on the walls, but if you’d prefer a more subtle touch you can look at vintage armchairs as a feature, perfect to fill an empty corner.

Often, vintage items are seen as being very expensive but there are ways that you can find them on a budget. Charity shops are often a great option for this style, as well as online giveaway sites.

Wooden surfaces

2021 Interior Design Trends WoodenLast year, we saw a huge surge in the amount of people wanting to revamp their kitchen surfaces, especially with fablon. These were a stunning change, and with so many different patterns available we saw some beautiful marble mixes that were a real eye-catcher.

Now, however, we’re seeing people move away from the marble style, and instead witnessing a transformation to wood grain popping up in houses all over the country. This design trend pairs perfectly with anyone keen to bring plants into their home as the wood colours compliment green plants perfectly and combine to create a peaceful nature feel. Another bonus of these wood grain surfaces is that they look fantastic with a huge array of coloured cabinets, especially those deeper emerald hues that we’ve been seeing more and more of.

This year has already started bringing out some incredible interior design trends, and we can’t wait to see what else starts to feature in homes across the country in the coming months!

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