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5 of the biggest mistakes to avoid with kitchen lighting

When it comes to kitchen design, everyone seems to focus on the kitchen triangle, the material and colour of their countertops and the overall style of the place. However, in a bespoke kitchen design especially, it is details like lighting that make or break the room.

Light is both a practical element and one that can alter your mood. Getting the right solutions requires some careful planning and consideration. As a high use area, you want to have the right solutions in there.

Remember that there are some mistakes with kitchen lighting you should avoid at all costs.

Problems with ambient lighting

Ambient lights create an even light level in the room. Whether it be dimmed or bright light, it can really set the mood in the place. That is what you should start with, when you begin designing the light scheme. Sometimes this aspect of the light is left to downlights and nothing else. Bear in mind that placing a ceiling fixture in the centre of the room will create a shadow from your body, regardless of where you work. Keeping too many glary downlights in the place is also not the way to go. You need a good balance of downlights, spaced out properly.

Problems with accent lighting

The main problem you will encounter with this sort of light is foregoing it completely. Accent lights allow you to showcase works of art, backing boards and splashbacks in all their glory. If you place them well, you will give the space a nice architectural feel. Make sure to include some accent lights to make certain focal points pop out even more.

Kitchen Design AdviceProblems with task lighting

You will use these lighting features to ease your work in the kitchen. You will need to determine the position and strength of the light, so as to allow for safety and convenience. A lot of kitchen renovators think of task lighting as something unnecessary, only to find out later that this is an essential component of every kitchen. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring task lighting, as it can really make the place a pleasure to use.

Problems with decorative lighting

There are a few solutions that fall in the category of decorative lighting: chandeliers, sconces and pendants, for example. The most common mistake is choosing decorative kitchen lights that don’t fit the adjacent room. The pendant you fell in love with in the showroom may not be the best solution for your place. It is always a good idea to take the feature at home and try it out in situ, before you decide whether it is the right one to have. The most important thing to consider is what kitchen style you are after and what the adjacent rooms will look like. Consult with a designer, if you are not sure how to proceed with decorative lights.

Kitchen Lighting AdviceProblems with natural kitchen lighting

Natural kitchen light is one of the most favoured solutions. However, it is also difficult to bring it in the place, especially if your property is in a high-density area. When designing your kitchen around natural light, you will do a mistake to disregard the durability of certain materials to the sun. This is something you should also talk about with your designer, especially if you are going to have multiple windows in the area.

Avoiding all of these mistakes when it comes to lighting solutions in the kitchen is a must. That way you will make the best of the area.

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