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5 proven tips to create your dream bespoke kitchen

Renovating your kitchen is a project worthy of consideration, especially if you live in an old home. That part of the place is one you use every single day and it is important to keep it up to par with your busy life. It is the same if you are only now moving into the place – the kitchen deserves special attention, because it will pay off in time.

While it may seem like a way too expensive project, getting your home outfitted with a bespoke kitchen is definitely the way to go. If you are somewhat creative and you are also willing to do some of the work yourself, you will be delighted to find out the project is actually not so difficult to realise. It is even better when you follow some proven tips, such as:

Focus on the kitchen cabinets

The cabinets are one of the things in a bespoke kitchen that deserves the most attention. They are an important part of the room, serving both utilitarian and visual purposes. If you are unsure where to start from, consider white cabinets. White is a good pick for this part of the place, because it adds flair and sophistication to the overall look of the area. Don’t be afraid to utilise the vertical space of the room and get cabinets to the ceiling. Not only does this introduce more space, but also enhances the visual aspect of the kitchen. Be creative with where you put cabinets as well. For example, if there is a kitchen island, don’t shy away from installing some underneath. You will greatly appreciate the extra storage space this provides.

Don’t shy away from tile

Many people falsely believe that tile doesn’t belong in a bespoke kitchen, but that is just not true. A colourful tiled backsplash adds interest to the place and it also creates a focal point. Do consider the colour though – you want it to work well with the rest of the kitchen. For example, grey tiles are great with white cabinets. If you are feeling handy, you can even install the tile yourself.

Pay attention to light fixtures

In order to reveal the beauty of the kitchen, you need light. Getting good light fixtures will give you the required amount of light, all the while showcasing the marvel of the kitchen. Consider task lighting, hanging lights and undercabinet lights to meet your needs in the best possible manner.

Make your kitchen as functional as possible

Depending on the needs of your family, you want to make the kitchen functional and convenient. For instance, if you live with children, perhaps you will want a kitchen island that also functions as a serving area, or a place for your little ones to do their homework. If you are an avid cooker, make sure the kitchen triangle – oven, sink and fridge – is easy to access and work near to. Think about what you will be doing most in the kitchen and get it sorted in the design process.

Add a little personal touch

What would a kitchen be without a little touch of individuality? Feel free to decorate it and add a little element in there that best makes it your own place. Highlight the areas that you love and use the most. Add photos or pictures on walls, make room for flowers and home grown herbs or even vegetables – it is up to you how to best personalise the place.

All of these tips work well to give you the ideal bespoke kitchen you and your family deserve. Make sure to implement them in the design process and you will be happy with the outcome.

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