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6 clever design tips for a small kitchen

Not every home is blessed to have a big enough kitchen. Sometimes this very important room of the place comes in a small package and you need to find a good workaround to this problem. The kitchen is, after all, the heart and soul of the home. You frequent it on a daily basis and do important business there. Just because it is small doesn’t mean you cannot make the most of it through clever design options and working solutions for limited space.

Here are some tips you’d want to implement when designing your small kitchen:

Design a functional plan

Having a functional floor plan is crucial for a small kitchen space. A kitchen that is beautiful, but oddly planned is not one that you want to have in your home. What you have to do is ensure that the sink, fridge and oven are all easy to access and that the countertop space you have is sufficient. Also consider the cabinetry, as you will require storage space for the kitchen items you use on a daily basis. Walk around the area and consider the layout you think will best suit your lifestyle and needs.

Break up cabinets

Small spaces appreciate every bit of storage they can get. While more cabinets = greater storage, you need to consider the fact that the room will become too crammed and closed off. One way to achieve an element that breaks up the defect is to go with a range hood in the place of a microwave vent. Open shelves also work wonders in that regard, or if they aren’t your thing, you can go for glass cabinet doors. This makes the place feel much more open.

Pick your colour palette and go with it

It is always a good idea to choose a colour palette before the design project takes off and stick to your choice. Don’t go with an excessive number of colours, as that can easily overwhelm the area. For instance, you can opt for natural wood tones with gray and white elements. To add diversity, you can go with black appliances and brass hardware.

Pick accessories with function

When you have limited space, you don’t have the option to go without functional accessories. Opt for accessories that you need, but also look good, since you will have them serve double duty as décor items. Make sure there is no clutter around – items you don’t use but take space have no place on your countertops.

Consider lighting

In a small kitchen, the lighting makes all the difference. Even if you have taken the necessary steps to make the place look bigger, poor lighting will make it feel bad. You can use a pendant above the sink. You can also get scones above your open shelves or the window. Always bear in mind that lighting is one of your best allies to make a small kitchen feel larger.

Carefully consider the design

Even if the space is small, you don’t need to have small ambitions. Pay attention to the details, like hardware and window treatments. Since it is a small place, all of these elements will play a more important role. That is why you should take the time to consider each of them for the best outcome for the room.

Now that you know the secrets to make the most out of a small kitchen, you can better make your dream design happen.

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