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6 steps to choosing the best colour for your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. Apart from serving as your dining area and the place you cook delicious meals, it is also the area you meet with family members. It is safe to say a kitchen can satisfy these needs with ease.

To benefit the most from your kitchen, you have to pick the right colour for it. Decorating the place needs to be done carefully. Colour not only sets the tone, it also determines the functionality.

So how do you select the best colour for your kitchen?

Follow our 6 steps to choosing the best colour for your kitchen:

  • Pick the right colour palette – there is one proven way to do this: visit a showroom or a specialised store. Pick the paint chips that you like the most and bring them home. The idea behind these chips is that they feature well-matching colours. That is almost half the job done, since picking colours that synergise is perhaps the hardest part. You can then test how the colours sit in your kitchen. If you are happy with the outcome, you are ready to proceed.
  • Pick colours you are a fan of – one of the goals you should set for yourself is to pick colours that make you feel good. You can track all the trends, explore the options and check out the most popular colours. However, you should base your final decision on the colours you are happy with.
  • Keep the big picture in mind – colour doesn’t make the entirety of your kitchen. There are also colours of cabinets, backsplash, countertops and floor to keep in mind. If you are renovating the kitchen and aren’t starting from scratch, you should work with what you have.
  • Countertops are best left neutral – kitchen countertops take the largest surface area in your kitchen. As such, it is essential to consider their colour, as it will immediately grab the attention of anyone entering the room. Kitchen designers agree that leaving your countertops neutral helps backsplash and paint colour stand out. Besides, even if you decide to change colours in your kitchen, later on, you won’t have to worry about countertops being neutral.
  • Cabinets play a key role – cabinets are perhaps the first area to change or replace the colour of when renovating the kitchen. Cabinets are a focal point and cover most of the wall space. Apart from picking the colour, you are happy with; you need to consider the wood undertones to create that pleasant look you are after. White is a most standard choice, though it shows dirt rather quickly. Consider long-term use when you pick kitchen colours.
  • Show your creativity – although white counters and cabinets are fairly common, you should let your creativity flow with the backsplash and paint. Bright paint is sure to make you smile every time you go into the kitchen. Consider this: appliances and cabinets will take most of the wall space, so you can afford to use brighter colour.

Now that you have this knowledge on choosing the right colour of your kitchen, you should use it to create a functional and beautiful room.

If you would like to speak to one of our kitchen designers for more information and advice, please feel free to get in touch with K&I Kitchens.

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