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Black Kitchens

6 tips for a stunning modern black kitchen

If you are going for a black kitchen, you have every right to be called ‘brave’. Black is definitely not the type of colour most people like to dominate a space with, especially when it comes to the kitchen area. But while it is true that most people go for the white or neutral colour palette, black is quickly gaining some popularity.

For a monochromatic space, black provides unrivalled elegance and style. It is a colour that has earned its space in the hall of fame. It will never go out of style and will always retain that modern look, which fits every designer kitchen.

Stunning Modern Black Kitchen
One of our latest projects in Greenwich, London

If that is the colour you have decided to go within your kitchen space, then you best follow a few tips:

  • Consider the size – how big the kitchen plays a big role in whether black colour fits it. While black itself is a good colour that you should not shy away from, according to experts it does come with certain drawbacks. Namely, black features tend to make the area feel rather enclosed. You must keep this in mind when trying to determine what parts of the kitchen you want to emphasise and make them stand out against the black colour of the tiles, cabinets or appliances.
  • The splashback area – the splashback makes for an important part of every kitchen out there. As such, it has the power to influence how space feels and looks. Many kitchen designers with enough experience know that this area can lighten the room and make it feel more open. If you are going with black all around the place and the cabinets, for example, it would be best to go with neutral splashback. That way the area won’t feel closed in. Another option is to go with a black splashback with monochromatic tiles and white grout or coloured glass.
  • Cabinetry is important – since black can easily enclose the space and make it feel smaller than it actually is, you want to work around this negative effect by incorporating acrylic gloss into the design. A dark shade of this finish provides the desired black look but also opens up space since light reflects off of the surface. Such a reflective cabinetry option has become quite popular due to the way it looks and the style it adds to any kitchen space.
Black Kitchens
One of our latest projects in Camden, London
  • Appliances – in the past, you’d go shopping and you’d never ever have to worry about colour. Nowadays is a different story. Your fridge, oven and even smaller appliances like coffee machines and microwaves blend in with the rest of the scheme in the kitchen to provide a consistent look. Such is the case even if you have chosen black colours to dominate the area. There are black coloured finishes on all the appliances that you’d expect to use around your kitchen.
  • Think about the benchtops – black in the kitchen gives off some industrial vibe. One proven way to accentuate this is to pick natural elements, such as engineered stone or granite benchtops. If you go with a white or neutral tone on that area, you get a nice contrast to black cabinetry and appliances, which looks amazing. As a matter of fact, black and white combination in the kitchen is considered a classic combination that greatly boosts the value of the place.
  • Don’t forget about the lighting – having a well-lit kitchen is very important, especially when going with black colour. What you can do is install spotlights underneath the upper cabinets so that you get enough light for the countertops when you work. A pendant light over the dining table is a good solution as well since it contributes with the nice light. With black cabinets in the kitchen, you can also go with glass-fronted cabinets that show their contents against a white wall. If you are running on a tight budget, you can also just leave the doors out and go for a more of an open-plan look.
Dark Kitchens
One of our latest projects in Camden

If you are going for a black kitchen, you need to keep all of these things in mind. Only then can you ensure that the place looks stunning.

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