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8 grand ideas for a small kitchen you want to use now

If you have a small kitchen, you need not despair. Sometimes even a small space can become a comfortable and highly-utilitarian area, which serves all your needs and requirements. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to show a little ingenuity on the matter and follow some of the clever kitchen solutions that fit a small space. Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there, which you can choose from. It is very likely that by taking a few of the following recommendations, you will even discover square footage you thought was non-existent:

Use the tops of your cabinets

Small Kitchen IdeasThis is actually a pretty creative idea, which you should always use. The tops of kitchen cabinets are a nice example of prime real estate. While it is true that the space is not easy to reach, you can put things you use on special occasions only, and pantry items you don’t require that often. Whatever you decide to put there, it is a good idea to utilise the space, instead of letting it accumulate dust only.

Use a pegboard

Walls are another source of space, which you should utilise. You can put pots, canisters and all sort of utensils there. That is, if you put a pegboard, you will be able to fit a whole lot on the boards. This is a flexible storage space, which you later adjust per your needs.

Try to downsize your furniture

Getting smaller furniture is a no-brainer solution, but did you also know you can get just different kind of furniture too? For instance, you may want to incorporate a kitchen table in form of a half-moon, instead of a full round one. This is also a form of downsizing, which works well for small spaces.

Incorporate shelving under the island countertop

Adding a small shelf under the countertop of your island is a fine way to add a bit of extra storage space. It is even better if you use the kitchen island often, as it can feature some small dishes or cookbooks.

Small Kitchen Design IdeasUse your windows for storage

Windows may be the last thing you consider viable for storage, but it is possible. You can hang a few pots in front of the window. As long as you use a few striking colours for handles, you can use the space to your advantage.

Use the space over your stove

One more spot you may overlook when it comes to usage of space is the area above your stove. If there is no hood there, you can put the wall space to good use with a pot rail, or maybe even a shelf. Of course, you do need to consider that the area will likely get hotter than usual when you cook, so be careful what you put in there.

A magnetic knife rack works well

If you have your countertop space at premium, perhaps a knife holder is not the best solution. Try out a magnetic strip on the wall to keep your cutlery within easy reach, without them necessarily taking countertop space.

Toekick drawers may be right for you

When doing a full renovation of the kitchen, adding toekick drawers may be one of the best ideas you can do. These are a good way to turn a previously unusable space into a drawer that is slim, yet can hold your pots and pantry items inside.

As you can see, there are quite a number of ways you can actually make better use of a small kitchen. It is up to you to make the most of it.

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