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8 Ideas To Turn Your Kitchen Into A Chef’s Dream

If you are an avid cook, you will be more than thrilled to upgrade your kitchen into one that supports this. A chef’s kitchen is one that retains its utilitarian purposes, all the while remaining a comfortable place to enjoy a meal or some company at.

A chef’s kitchen is one that focuses on efficiency above all. It is designed in such a way and features elements, which facilitate an easy cooking process. If that is the thing you are going for, then you will need to consider the following features:

A high-powered oven

Chef's Kitchen - A High Powered OvenAmong the most important appliance upgrades for a chef’s kitchen is the oven. After all, you will greatly appreciate the high-heat burners, a boiler and overall efficiency of an A-tier oven. When you are cooking multiple things, you want the process to be smooth and that is exactly what such an oven provides.

Sink space expansion

When you are doing food prep work, you will appreciate having extra space to work with. Washing fresh vegetables and fruits, or some delicate glassware will be much more comfortable when you have a recessed counter space next to the sink, with its own custom drain.

Designer hood

Chef's Kitchen - A Designer HoodIf you are going to cook in a chef’s kitchen, you absolutely need a range hood. The good news is that range hoods have seen quite an improvement over recent years. They are no longer the noisy and bulky feature that you remember, but have rather become much more efficient and streamlined. They come with LED displays, additional filters for grease and much quieter operation, which makes all the difference.

A chef’s table

A chef’s table can be incorporated into an island area, enabling more space for people to sit. If the island allows, you can even have a built-in range in the island, making it a cooking central in the room. If you’re still considering different ideas on where to put your chef’s table, head over to our portfolio to see where our clients placed theirs.

A trash chute

One of the more unpleasant parts of cooking is having to transfer scraps of food from the counter to the bin. A built-in trash chute enables an easier way of doing this. Consider this upgrade especially if you have a butcher’s block. Once you are done doing your job on the butcher’s block, you will be able to dispose of the unneeded leftovers in an easy manner.

Beverage drawer

If you are wondering where you will keep your drinks, a beverage drawer is the best feature to consider in your chef’s kitchen. There are some nice refrigerated beverage drawers that you can consider for this task. It can go into the kitchen island, making it easily accessible. It is a convenient feature to have, especially if you like to drink a cool lemonade or beer.

Double ovens and range

Chef's Kitchen - Double OvenIf you are after another item for your chef’s kitchen, then a double-oven or double-range is what you should be considering. It is in fact one of the most wanted features in any chef’s kitchen. Having double the cooking capacity means you can easily whip two or more meals at a time, making the activity much more efficient. It is especially nice if you have some help in the kitchen for the task.

A prep sink

A pro-feature that you might want to consider for your chef’s kitchen is the prep sink. Typically, you want it to be within the corner of an island, in order to maximise your counter space.

All of these features are great and make for a wonderful addition to a chef’s kitchen. They will speed up your cooking and prep process, making the kitchen feel like a heaven for your hobby.

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