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A guide to kitchen work surfaces – what you need to know

One of the most important things to consider when you are getting your kitchen remodel is the work surfaces around the room. They need to serve not just a practical surface, but also need to complement the overall look.

Worktops have a great visual impact on the overall design, and should therefore never be an afterthought. Whether you are going to luxe materials or more practical and affordable choices, you need to make your pick carefully. Not every work surface fits the kitchen design you may have in mind.

The most important things to consider

In order to pick out the best work surface for your kitchen, you want to consider a few important aspects.

  • Will there be a kitchen island in the room?
  • Do you plan on having a long run of kitchen cabinetry?
  • Are you an avid cook preparing all sorts of food, including colourful spices?
  • Do you move hot items from the oven to the hob?

Knowing the answers to these and what you want from the kitchen will aid you greatly in figuring out the best type of material to include. Always know that you don’t need to have the same work surface everywhere in the room. Different worktops are suitable for different cooking methods. For instance, some materials do poorly with heat. The ultimate goal should be to combine practicality with good looks.

Kitchen SurfacesHere is a quick rundown of the materials you can use for different work surfaces

  • Engineered stone – engineered stone is one of the options for giving the kitchen a uniform look. It simply ticks most of the boxes, because it comes with a great colour range and is quite flexible. It mostly requires very simple routine care with just water and mild detergent. It is practical and beautiful to the eye.
  • Natural stone – marble and granite are the most popular options in this category. They are so favoured because they bring a unique look in the room. That is because no two slabs are alike. Many kitchen designers recommend this kind of material for a kitchen island, since it fits particularly well in the middle of the room.
  • Stainless steel – stainless is not as popular of a choice, because it does have certain limitations. One of the major things to consider in regards to this material is that over time it might become a little worn out and it will require special care.
  • Glass worktop – don’t let the name fool you – toughened glass is actually quite durable and it doesn’t break easy at all. Add some lighting to it and it becomes that notable part of your kitchen, which you will really appreciate. Bear in mind you will have to wipe it clean often because it will develop watermarks otherwise.
  • Natural wood – a custom-made kitchen will acquire a feeling of warmth with natural wood. With so many options to pick from, such as walnut, Wenge and oak, you will find there is a perfect for any kind of kitchen you have. You can make perfect use of a wooden material for a breakfast bar, or any dining surface really. It is more durable than you think, as long as you take special care of it. Wood should be kept mostly dry, so you should not use it in an area that easily gets wet.

Kitchen worktop surfaces are very different and each of them has its upsides and downsides. It is important to consider how you will be using the place and what you want it to look like, before you settle for a worktop material for your bespoke kitchen.

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