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Our story

At K&I Kitchens we have been designing beautiful bespoke kitchens in London, each individually tailored to our clients’ specific needs, for 20 years now, and we have built a well-earned reputation for world class quality and customer service. 

From the very start of our journey in 2002, we have been committed to ensuring that everything we do aims to serve the best interests of the people who put their trust in us to create beautiful spaces at the heart of their homes.

You’re in safe hands

Our team of expert designers and installers are handpicked for their skills and expertise, and their ability to see and then deliver our customers’ vision – whether through creative design, a solutions-focused approach to installation, or clear, expert advice and guidance during their initial consultation.

We aim to be different and better than our competitors through having a clear understanding of your requirements and dreams, easy-to-understand advice on the options available to deliver your vision, and a transparent approach to both pricing and process.

In short, if you don’t need it, we don’t try to sell it to you.

We value relationships

At K&I Kitchens we’re passionate about what we do. When we started out in business there were just two of us, and we understood very early in the journey that what set us apart from the rest was that we cared about quality, and we cared about the people we worked for and the homes we worked in.

To this day, our aim is to make every project we take on the best one we’ll ever do, and because our clients see at first hand the personal emotional investment we have in the outcomes we achieve, we build lasting relationships that result in high levels of client retention.

Value for money

There is no such thing as a ‘cheap’ kitchen. A kitchen, regardless of size and quality, always represents a significant financial investment, so instead we work hard to ensure that we offer the best possible value for your money.

We achieve that by offering you the best possible prices for the high-quality materials and appliances we offer, by ensuring you’re not paying for unnecessary additional ‘extras’, and by working as efficiently as possible without compromising our commitment to excellence.

Exceptional craftsmanship & aftercare

Our kitchens are only as good as they look and perform, and so we are committed to maintaining exceptional and meticulous standards of craftsmanship to ensure that when we leave your home, your kitchen looks as good and works as well as – if not better than – you dreamed it would.

But we also know that on very rare occasions problems can appear after we’ve left. All our work is guaranteed, and we pride ourselves on offering world class customer care long after we’ve completed your installation – so you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that we’ll be there for you whenever you need us.

Our Recent Projects

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