The benefits of a handle-less kitchen design

By Kalin MihaylovFebruary 19, 2018Advice
Benefits Handle Less Kitchen Design

A handle-less kitchen immediately captures the imagination. As the name suggests, such a style means no handles installed on the units and cabinets. Instead, they are fitted with a number of modern, stylish designs, such as grooves, continuous rails or a push-to-open features. A handle-less kitchen is so much more stylish than a kitchen with cupboard door handles and drawer handles. It looks clean, uncluttered and streamlined.

However, some people may think such a kitchen looks weird but in reality choosing this more contemporary style is the correct decision for a makeover of today’s kitchen. The design is chic, elegant and contributes to a fashionably minimalist look that is always in vogue for any home. Here are just a few of the benefits a handle-less kitchen provides:

  • Where the ‘grip’ comes from – as the name implies, a handle-less design is all about the lack of handles on cabinet and drawer doors. Instead, there is usually a steel channel at the top side of the cabinet. This is used as a gap between the underside of a countertop and top of the door for your fingers to slide into. As such, there is never need to touch the front side of the door, which means less fingerprints. For units with a few sets of drawers, there is usually a recessed line in the middle to allow access to both levels. It looks sleek and stylish because the channel is usually installed only after the entire kitchen is fitted.
  • What does the handle-less style bring – a handle-less style brings a clutter-free look. This works wonders for a small kitchen, which could use all the tricks in the book to create the illusion of space. However, it is not just about the visual effect, as there is also a notable physical one. No handles around means more space in the area. Granted, it is no huge difference, but it does help provide a more comfortable working environment. This design is also a safer option for your children. They cannot grab open a drawer not hurt their heads running around.
  • Complements the kitchen – such a kitchen design makes a bold statement on its own, though you can also expect it to complement other features.
  • Islands can benefit too – if you have a kitchen island, it can benefit from the handle-less design as well. Apart from providing a lustrous look, there is also more space around the walkway.A hygienic option – many people are rightly concerned with the hygiene in their kitchen. They have every reason to be; this is one room that must be kept in pristine condition at all times. After all, this is where you prepare your food and eat with your family and friends. Going with a handle-less design means less effort is required for cleaning – no handles means one less awkward place to clean. Do you know just how much grime and dirt can accumulate on these items over time? A handle-less kitchen can do with just a quick wipe, which is nothing compared to the effort needed to keep unit with handles clean.
  • Many finishes and colours – you may be worried that handle-less kitchens are in fact limited when it comes to styles, but it is not the case. There is a wide range of colours and styles to choose from. There are various finishes you can use: matte, gloss, glass and even rough-cut wood. You will not be touching the front side of the cabinets, but in case you are still worried about fingerprints, you should go with matter or textured finish.
  • Promotes good flow – another benefit of handle-less kitchens is that they smoothen the transition between the dining room and the kitchen itself. The main trouble with handles is that they interfere with the nice composition of having these two rooms together. Handles contribute to a rather closed-in, claustrophobic feeling, whilst handle-less designs open up space and reinforce the illusion that the room is bigger. They are perfect for open plan living.
  • One less thing to trouble yourself with – handles are those “fine little details” that can enhance or spoil the look of a finished kitchen. For this reason, it is understandable why you need to spend so much time and worry when trying to choose them. Without having to focus on them, you can consider other more important details. Saving valuable time, effort and stress!
  • A safer place for children – if your little ones like running around your home, then safety is another essential consideration during any kitchen makeover project. Handle-less kitchens are far safer for children. With no handles sticking out of the cabinets and drawers, your loved ones are less likely to get hurt.
  • The design suits kitchens of any size – there are many kitchen features that can make you go ‘Wow!’. However, they all require space. So if your kitchen is not as big as Jamie Oliver’s then perfect planning and design is needed. A handle-less feature really is quite attractive in any kitchen, even a small one! In fact, it will even help the room appear larger and more luxurious.
  • The style is timeless – One of your biggest concerns when choosing new kitchen cabinets is whether or not the look will date quickly. You do not have to worry if you choose a handle-less design! It will have an elegant, timeless feel so will always be within current trends. The sleek, unfussy profile characteristic of a handle-less kitchen ensures the style will always be a ‘less-is-more’ classic. It is the purity of design coupled with high functionality that will always make them popular.

Are you feeling inspired by the wonders of a handle-less design already? Your kitchen can definitely do with one such, so check out the available options here.

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