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Choosing your kitchen worktop – types to choose from

Outfitting your bespoke kitchen with the appropriate worktop can sometimes feel like a daunting task. The main trouble comes from the fact that there are great many types to choose from and you can pick the wrong one if you are not careful. Finding the worktop that matches the kitchen style and also works well for your lifestyle is only possible if you educate yourself on the different types of worktops.

Here is a quick rundown of the kitchen worktops you can choose from:


Quartz is a man-made stone with the durability of a natural stone. It is scratch-proof and durable to chips, and impervious to stains, all of which makes it a fine low-maintenance option. With its consistent stone quality, it provides a more finished look of the place. You can customise the worktop to your preference when it comes to texture and colour. Some of the drawbacks include a higher cost and not much in terms of heat durability.


Granite is a popular choice for worktops, because of its stylish feel. It is a functional and durable material too, which is definitely something you want from a countertop. Granite is a natural stone and there are many patterns you can pick from, in order to match the colour scheme of your kitchen. Granite doesn’t depreciate in value, making it a long-lasting solution. It is easy to clean and can take the heat. However, as a drawback, you need to know that granite repairs are very difficult. It is also a good idea to seal the material every 2 years, since it is porous.Kitchen Worktops Advice


Glass is the way to go, if you wish to make a modern design statement. With its sleek and glossy look, this kind of worktop provides style to the place. Since the glass worktop can be customised to your preference, as it comes in many different designs and colours. Such a worktop is heat and water resistant and is very hygienic – there is no mould and stains to worry about. You have to be careful placing excess weight on the corners, as well as any acidic food or cleaners.


Ceramic worktops are one of the most versatile and hygienic ones. With all of the textures and colours they come in, it would be easy to find a match with your kitchen. Now, ceramic is harder than both granite and quartz, but the surface it can create comes with thickness of no more than 10mm. This supports a modern look of the kitchen. As you add tile pieces, you can further boost the elegant look. You will find ceramic worktops are cheaper than others and their durability means they will last for years before you need to consider replacement. As drawbacks, ceramic worktops are uneven and they can scratch. Furthermore, you can crack them if you drop something heavy on top of them.


Solid wood worktops can transform any kitchen. Wood lends its natural beauty equally well to modern and traditional kitchens alike. Beech and maple are good for a natural look, whereas Wenge, Iroko or bamboo are a nice exotic option. If you invest in proper maintenance, you can keep them in a good condition for time to come. You need to be careful not to put anything too hot on them, as they don’t do well with heat. Also, they are vulnerable to cutting, so be careful when you work there.

These are just few of the more popular worktop materials you can choose from. They each come with certain benefits and drawbacks, so you have to pick carefully.

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