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2021 Interior Design Trends Home Office

Create the perfect home office space in your designer kitchen

Do you need a space to work from home? If there is anything that the previous years have taught us, working from home is possible, and usually, the kitchen can accommodate this sort of activity.

If you are working from home, you can follow a few tips to make your kitchen the right room for this task.

Here is how you can make work from home an effective and efficient task:

Lighten the workload

According to numerous experts, it is essential to provide yourself with good lighting to stay productive. The kitchen is the right place to put spotlights, a popular inclusion in bespoke designs nowadays. They illuminate the area brightly, which is suitable for your home office tasks and when you use the kitchen for cooking and food preparation. When you have sufficient lighting, you can be sure that the kitchen will be your number one spot for working at home.

Utilise the island or the table

A freestanding table or a kitchen island are by far the locations where you can set up a workstation for your needs. They are versatile enough to support a laptop or any other hardware you may need while simultaneously serving you as desk areas during work hours. Clearing the appliances and other items from a kitchen counter is much tougher to create sufficient space. But a table or a kitchen island is much easier to clear for any work.

Office Kitchen Design

Repurpose part of the storage

Your kitchen is undoubtedly full of storage solutions for keeping your kitchen inventory. There is plenty to go around, from cupboards and shelves to nooks under the counter and the pantry. If you are planning on working from home for a prolonged period, you need to reshuffle kitchen items. Consider what you need for your home office and make space for it. You may need to downsize a bit, but that is not bad to do anyway.

Make sure you keep the area clean

To remain productive in your work, you should maintain the area clean. To that end, it helps to also keep the kitchen surfaces as free of clutter as possible. Put the items currently lying on surfaces in the cupboards. You would not work well with a pile of messy dishes in front of you, so ensure the environment is clean and tidy at all times to promote productivity.

Designate a break area

An important thing to consider for your work is to have a break area. You cannot spend the whole day glued to your screen; you need to take a break at some point. And while you probably change the scene during your lunch hour, you can probably do well with a designated ‘time-out’ area for catching a breather here and there. Sometimes this could be as easy as moving an armchair to a corner or putting a few cushions next to the window where you can relax and enjoy the view.

When working from home, the kitchen will do just fine if you lack a spare room. You will have even greater success with it when you follow some or all of the tips above and the rules for working from home in your bespoke kitchen.

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