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Five regrettable bespoke kitchen mistakes you should not make

As one of the home’s most important rooms, the kitchen should be well-designed with your lifestyle and needs in mind. Planning your bespoke kitchen, even with the help of a professional designer, is not always as straightforward as people think.

There are many factors to consider, besides trivial things like where the cabinets should be and the colour scheme. It pays to be prepared with knowledge of some of the most common bespoke kitchen design mistakes so that you can avoid them.

You don’t get a focal point

A bespoke kitchen needs a focal point, or several of them, to capture the eye and be an exciting part of the home. If your kitchen is on the larger side, a focal point could be a mantel or a statement island. In a smaller kitchen, focal points should still be present and part of the design.

For example, the splashback is a perfect area to make a focal point of, or you can work to make the front cabinetry colours a focal point of the room. Regardless of the focal point, there should be one or several of them in the room.

You prioritise style over lifestyle

When you are first considering the design of your kitchen, you are probably drawing inspiration from posts around the Internet. There are a lot of pretty pictures to see on places like Instagram and Pinterest. However, the important thing is that if you end up with a kitchen just like one of those, it won’t necessarily accommodate your and your family’s needs.

The bespoke kitchen needs to harmonise with the rest of your home, not just follow the latest trends. For this reason, working with a kitchen designer who will consider your requirements and special considerations can be essential.

The storage space is essential

If you don’t consider your needs in regards to storage, you will soon enough find out that the kitchen has a critical flaw. Whether you are an avid cook or perhaps a prolific mixologist, you have a certain amount of items around, all of which require storage solutions.

Bespoke Kitchen Storage Space

You need shelves of the appropriate size, drawers, cabinets and pantry space. Various storage solutions can make your life easier in that regard, so make sure you discuss this with your designer.

The layout is dysfunctional

If you get the layout wrong, you jeopardise the kitchen’s aesthetics and make everyday activities more bothersome. First of all, you need to consider what kind of layout best fits the size of the kitchen and what you want to do with it.

It is one thing demanding a kitchen island, but whether the place can accommodate one is a different story. You should not think about cabinetry and anything else before getting down to the finest details about the layout of the space.

You disregard golden rules

For example, the kitchen triangle may seem like an outdated concept to you, but it remains an important design feature in most of today’s kitchens. You want to move freely and have enough space to work in the kitchen.

For this reason, you should always consider the kitchen triangle and a few more essential rules your kitchen designer will share with you.

These are all essential tips to remember when it comes to mistakes with your bespoke kitchen.

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