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Kitchen Design Mistakes – What Not to Do

Creating a kitchen design that’s both elegant and practical is easier said than done. One simple mistake could compromise the function and flow of your entire kitchen. But don’t fret. There’s something you can do to avoid that. Here’s a short list of the most common mistakes you must avoid when designing your kitchen.

Forcing to add a kitchen island

Everyone loves a kitchen island. It adds a wow factor when added to a kitchen design. However, not all kitchens need or should have an island. There are homes with small kitchens, and adding an island won’t make any sense because of the limitations in the space. Even if you manage to fit a kitchen island in, there are instances when it’ll just block the flow and function of your kitchen.

Having a cluttered counter

If you love to cook, you know that preparing a delectable meal sometimes involves using different tools and equipment, from pressure cookers to food processors to blenders. These things can take up a lot of space. If there’s something you should avoid, it’s placing all this equipment on the countertop. It’ll make your kitchen look cluttered and prevent you from using the counters to prepare food.

Choosing white grout

Choosing white grout isn’t always a good idea. Having an all-white kitchen, including the grout, is fine if you have no plans of using the kitchen that often. But if you plan to cook, then this design is a very bad idea. Why don’t you consider having medium or dark grout instead?

Adding super-deep cabinets

Having enough cabinets in a kitchen is a must. But you must also make sure that they’re not too deep. Because if they are, you’ll most likely store items at the back, which would collect dust as time goes by. Instead, you can use roll-out trays if you have deep cabinets. This way, you can fully extend the storage and let you have a good view of what’s stored inside.

Kitchen Design Mistakes

Avoiding metals

Many homeowners only choose one type of material. Why should you limit yourself if you can enjoy different ones instead? Stainless steel appliances are very common in today’s modern kitchens. However, you can still add other mixes of metals. To help you get started, you should add metal finishes in a few spots in your kitchen, and the perfect area to begin is the cabinet hardware.

Ignoring the details

It’s essential to have a keen eye for details when designing a kitchen. A solid foundation is crucial, especially since you’ll be required to make many tedious decisions as you create the design. Don’t be overwhelmed with the latest kitchen trends and ideas. Because if you do, you’ll most likely forget or ignore small and straightforward yet crucial details such as the electrical outlets. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a beautiful kitchen, but you must also make sure it’s functional.

Disregarding proper lighting

Some homeowners forget the power of lighting when designing their kitchen. You must choose ambient and task lighting to see what you’re cooking and have proper lighting when entertaining guests. Consider how you can make soft overhead lights during the evening.

Designing a kitchen for other people

When designing your kitchen, you should create one that will make you happy and encourage you to cook more. Don’t base your decisions on what other wants. If you’re not planning to cook in your kitchen or house-flipping, then designing the kitchen based on what homebuyers want is acceptable. But if you’re planning to stay in the house for a long time and you’ll be using the kitchen regularly, then it’s better to design it according to your needs and preferences.

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