Ergonomic, aesthetic and convenient, handleless kitchens offer you the perfect blend of form and function. By avoiding the need for handles, these pieces provide you with a durable, effortlessly stylish and extremely efficient facilities for your food preparation. The minimalistic design will fit right in with your open plan living spaces, while the typical colour schemes are guaranteed not to clash with your appliances. This makes the handleless kitchens the perfect choice for any homeowner, looking to create an open and airy aesthetic. Available in a broad range of finishes, the handleless kitchens can easily be adapted to accommodate even the most peculiar of demands.


AV 5083GL Dark pine veneered and AV 4030GL Light grey high gloss lacquer


AV 5080 Maritime pine fineline veneered


Stratos GL

Saphir GL / Stratos GL

Saphir GL / Stratos GL


AV 5090GL Design glass white


AV 5080 GL Terra oak veneered


AV 5025 Magnolia high gloss lacquer

AV 4080 GL Selento grey beige

AV 4080 GL Selento grey beige


AV 3020 GL Metallic ocean blue high gloss lacquer

AV 1090 GL Natural oak rough cut finish

AV 1090 GL Natural oak rough cut finish