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The kitchen upgrades that add both value and functionality

If you are considering how to upgrade your designer kitchen, you most likely have a given budget to work with. This is the most deciding factor on how you can upgrade and what you can achieve.

However, whilst it is true you can overextend, you also need to consider functionality and added value when checking out designs. There are a few aspects of the kitchen you can upgrade economically, in order to make it your kitchen more functional and add value.

Read on for a few recommendations:

  • Recommended Kitchen UpgradesCountertops – when it comes to countertops, there are a few things that can improve the function and boost the value of your countertops. First and foremost, adding more countertop space is a desirable. People usually pay a premium for having extra space and the benefit of being able to do your work freely is also there. Another thing is that you can switch the location of countertops. For example, you can introduce more countertop space in some of the corners, or add an island in the middle of the kitchen. Improving on the visual appeal of this area holds a great benefit as well.
  • Fixtures – have you always felt like your kitchen sink is rather small and difficult to work with? Perhaps it is time to install a bigger sink, or maybe a double sink. In doing so, you get a chance to add beautiful faucets, which improve the visual appeal of the place. You will also find it much easier to wash the dishes, wash food and deal with other kitchen chores with a second sink. Cleaning will be a lot easier too.
  • Kitchen Design AdviseAppliances – now, it is true that replacing all of the appliances in the kitchen is costly, which you may not be able to take on. Yet, replacing outdated appliances is a nice upgrade, especially when you take into account resale value. If you lack the money at first, you can try to budget for replacing a single appliance at a time. For example, a larger fridge will better accommodate the needs of your family. A stove with six burners will make cooking super easy. Not only will you have better functionality at home with these, but also boost the value.
  • Storage options – have you ever heard anyone complain of having excess storage space in the kitchen, or any room for that matter? Just the opposite – you often hear complaints that people lack storage space. Storage is an important aspect of every home and if your kitchen lacks that, you will feel it. Having extra cabinets and drawers can remedy this. Again, an island is another option, if you have the space.

As you can see, there is much that you can do to upgrade your kitchen. It is up to you to make the right call on which project to undertake.

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