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Significant designer kitchen trends that will be prominent in 2022

When it comes to designer kitchen trends, it is always essential to keep up with the changes, especially if you are about to invest in a new kitchen for your home. You want it to be functional, aesthetically pleasing and not fall behind the times regarding colours, materials and features.

But while there are most certainly trends to keep an eye on, don’t forget to make the kitchen a space you enjoy and use. That said, here is what you should check out:

Make space for a home office

If there is anything that the past two years have taught us, you can never have enough space for the accidental time you will have to work from home. More and more people are searching for additional space in their homes to carve out a work area. The kitchen makes sense for that goal because it is spacious and not entirely in use. Designers have come up with neat features, like concealed office work units and layouts that support a workstation in a quiet room corner.

A minimalist design

Kitchens have been getting increasingly minimalist as designers switch from a ‘more is better’ perspective to one that caters to the needs of the cluttered homes. Nowadays, sleek and minimalist kitchens are getting all the praise. Fuss-free details and straight lines are a preferable retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Designing sustainable kitchens

Sustainability in the kitchen comes in many different forms. From buying A-rated appliances to having very efficient recycling bin systems. It is also a matter of choice in that you can look for sustainably sourced materials and features that come from recycled elements.

Dining booths

With the rise of kitchen island trends, it is only normal to see designs with built-in joineries. Such designs will become more popular, as built-in dining boots are handy. They work to the best of the room’s capabilities and provide a sense of conviviality that is otherwise hard to achieve.

Glass doors on pantries

You may think it is strange, but putting a glass door on a pantry is a trend that will increase in popularity. Many people with the space go with pantries, and a glass door creates the illusion of even more space without closing the room. Of course, this works if you invest time in making your pantry better organised.

Marble in the kitchen

Marble is, without a doubt, a material that just screams ‘luxury’. It works in fantastic synergy with metallic finishes, like gold and brass, which are also seeing a resurgence. Creamy and white shades of marble are perfect in combination with blues and greens. Also popular are the veined marbles.

Marble Kitchen

Bold colours in the kitchen

The shades that are now preferred in a designer kitchen have expanded from the bold dark hues or sparkling white of the past. Many people love to experiment with colours, such as green and blue. Such hues can beautify cabinetry. There are also jewel-like colours and metallic that is becoming popular in many kitchens. Pairing such colours with some statement features makes for a wow factor and a kitchen that is nothing short of beautiful.

Knowing the significant trends and clever ideas for designer kitchens in 2022 is a great goal to pursue. That way, you can make the best decision about your kitchen when it is time for renovation.

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