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As a supplier of bespoke kitchens in London, we’re acutely aware of the potential negative impact our supply and manufacturing chains may have on the environment, which is why our sustainability commitment goes far beyond what is legally required of us.

We are totally committed ensuring not only that we reduce our own carbon footprint wherever we can, but also that our suppliers and manufacturers are working as hard as they can to reduce theirs.

Our products are made from many different materials, both natural and man-made, and we believe passionately that those materials are sourced, manufactured, and supplied as sustainably as possible.

As we strive to play our part in protecting the natural world around us, we demand that our suppliers demonstrate the same environmental commitment.

That means we actively seek proof that our partners in our supply chains are working to achieve continuous improvement in their environmental performance. Where relevant, we also require our suppliers to provide detailed information on how wood products are sourced and to share evidence of good forest management practice.

At K&I Kitchens we also know that the environmental health of our planet will only improve in a meaningful way if we double down on our sustainability commitment.

It is now our policy to only source materials from suppliers who can show they are operating within the laws of their own countries. 

In areas of sustainability risk – such as transport, energy usage, filtration plants, waste disposal and health and safety requirements – we aim to adopt environmental standards that go significantly further than the minimum legal requirement, to promote the highest environmental standard, and to fully integrate environmental decision making into our processes.

If you would like to find out more about how we are working for a more sustainable future, please contact us.

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