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The essential elements for an outstanding classic kitchen design

When it comes to bespoke kitchens, the classic design stands out as one that great many people prefer. It is simple enough to implement, and yet retains flexibility, which makes it such a popular option. The timeless features and the neutral look that comes with it serves practically every taste and budget. Whether you like to hang around in jeans and t-shirt, or perhaps you are having a formal dinner with your significant other’s parents, the classic kitchen will serve you right.

If you have decided to decorate your kitchen in a classic style, you must first learn a key difference. Classic doesn’t mean traditional. While both of these styles share many similarities, they are different in that classic style doesn’t necessarily feature ornate and over-the-top crown moulding and panelled walls. Now that these differences are out of the way, let’s get down to some valuable tips to consider when designing a classic kitchen:

Keep things simple

In order to make the most of your classic kitchen design, follow the KISS rule – keep it simple silly. What this means is that you should not go overboard with colour, especially considering that a dark kitchen is so difficult to tame. Creamy countertops and white cabinets are a must for every classic kitchen. Add that to marble floor and you get a perfect recipe for accentuating the white colours and create a fantastic look.

Classic Kitchen StyleA little dark won’t hurt though

If you are not a fan of an all-white kitchen, you can still go for the classic style. All you can do is add a little dark contrast, such as a black countertop or dark floors. The offset power of these features can diversify the all-white look of a classic kitchen, and greatly boost the appearance of the room. Another feature of a good classic kitchen is a style door that is not too ornate, but also not super flat and boring. Without raised panels and fussy hardware, it just screams classic.

Stick to the proven design elements

For instance, you will do well to consider shaker style cabinets, because they are perfectly in line with what the classic kitchen style has to offer. You can also go to the next level with some bead moulding, which is more than enough to make it pop. Subway tiles are another common element of a classic kitchen. They aid in creating a simplistic seamless design, which you will greatly appreciate over time. That is always the case when you go with white tiles around the countertops and cabinets.

Match grout colour with countertops/appliances/flooring

By doing so, you create a perfect looking balance between areas of the room that take significant space. Always remember that keeping flexible features around is always preferable. For starters, they will not cost you a small fortune, which is always a plus when designing the kitchen. Besides, this allows for easy changes later on, all the while keeping the project simple enough.

Classic KitchenGo with neutral colours

Since flexibility is of the essence, keeping the colour palette neutral is a good consideration. Choosing neutral colours at first allows you to transition to anything you like down the road, without too much trouble.

All of these tips and considerations when it comes to classic kitchen design are there to help you make the most of this kitchen style. Implement them all in the design process and you will find out that they work wonders.

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