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What is kitchen flow and how to get it right?

Perhaps you have had the feeling that everything in your kitchen is well-organised and designed, only to find out that your mugs are too far away from the coffeemaker and your cooking supplies are buried so deep in the pantry that it’s an effort to open it.
This could be an indication of bad kitchen flow, which means that items in the room are not placed strategically to ensure easy work. However, by following certain clever tips when employing a kitchen designer you can ensure a superb flow.

How to get your kitchen flow right?

Always organize in zones

Don’t make the mistake of thinking about your kitchen as a single room. Instead, you should be thinking of your kitchen as several dedicated areas. For example, you will have an area for preparing food, another one for cooking and another one for eating.
You may also have a dining area, where you sit down and enjoy a meal with your family. In general, you should be keeping items that serve a purpose in these zoned areas so that you know where to find them easily. It will also give you a better understanding of what you have.

Seasonal storage

How can you ensure you have enough counter space for all of the dedicated zones? Well, for starters, you should get into the habit of storing your kitchen items seasonally. When warmer temperatures come, you pack away your clothes, and you can do the same in your kitchen in regards to the crock-pot and casserole dishes.
Any storage you don’t use often should be reserved for such items that will be viable again in several months. Seasonal efficiency is made easier by the fact that you can just keep some of the items elsewhere and return them when the time for them comes.

Your dishwasher is important

Another practical thing you can do to ensure good flow in your kitchen is to store glasses, dishes and other kitchen equipment near the dishwasher. This makes unloading the machine less of an issue.
You should also see to it there is some free countertop space just above your appliance, where you can easily unload the dishwasher.

Spices should be on hand

It is never a wise idea to store cooking ingredients away from your oven, especially if you like to cook often. Salt, oregano, olive oil and other spices should be within easy reach, to keep your cooking routine efficient.
You need storage space near the stove, ideally in a cupboard adjacent to the stove. You can also arrange your everyday essentials in a tray on the countertop.

Kitchen Flow CountertopOptimal meal prep area

Storing your cutting boards is best done next to your sink. The reason is that you rinse food, then immediately chop it down or do other sort of prep work on it with the aid of a cutting board.
And then you can do some easy clean-up of the cutting board, which is another reason to keep it close to the sink.

You should set up stations for your favourites

If you cannot do without coffee, you should focus on setting up a coffee station with all of the things you use – sugar, coffee beans, mugs, etc.
Grouping items you use for some of your favourite activities in the kitchen will easily make your life easier when you engage in these activities.
Increasing flow in a bespoke kitchen is possible, especially if you take the principles in mind before the design process. That is how you can ensure optimal results and enjoy your kitchen every day.
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