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What makes a good classic kitchen?

A lot of people really don’t know what makes a classic kitchen. In fact, you may have had a classic kitchen, except you didn’t know it. If there is one thing that separates the design, it is the fact it is timeless and flexible. The simple details and neutral colour palettes accompany this style too. According to expert kitchen designers, a classic kitchen is the ‘jeans and a white t-shirt’ style of all kitchens – hitting that sweet medium for looks and utility that everyone appreciates so much.

It is the perfect choice if you are looking to boost the resale value of your home because chances are the next homeowner will have nothing against a classic kitchen style. So what makes a classic kitchen? Find out several of the more important elements in this quick rundown:

1. Simple architectural style

Kitchen White Cabinetry

There is a level of the details you will see on islands, crown moulding or perhaps even furniture-style toe kicks. You may even opt for a panelled hood, but all of these details would be rather restrained. There is nothing that screams ‘Wow!’, nor is there an element that feels over the top.

2. The cabinetry is in creamy/white colour

Even though they are timeless, classic kitchens are fresh. This kind of style is what everyone feels most comfortable in, even the sworn modernists. If there is a colour that defines a classic style, it is white for sure.

3. A countertop in white marble

If you are looking for countertops that really stand out in your classic kitchen, then white marble is the colour to opt for. As a matter of fact, the marble countertops make the focal point of the classic kitchen. Such material is beautiful, though it can sometimes prove to be a challenge to maintain it. Bear in mind white is not always the colour of choice for classic kitchens. Some homeowners often try honed black countertops, soapstone, granite or cast quartz.

4. Subway tile in white colour

In classic kitchens, you will often find white subway tile. Whether it is crackle or glossy, square edge or bevelled, the tile is there. You can play around with the size. Normally, it is something 3×6, though if you want to shake things up a little, then you can use 2×6 or 2×4. The proportions of the tile really change the appearance of the kitchen, much like the grout colour.

5. Stick with neutral colour palettes

Now, even though most people think all-white when it comes to classic kitchens, you can add a touch of another colour too. Remember that black and white is a very classic combination that is the most timeless one you can get. For example, black island and dark subway paired with white cabinet doors and grout is still a classic piece, the look of which you may love.

6. Simple door styleClassic Kitchen Design Tips

Another important aspect of the classic look lies with cabinet styles. Most of the time you will see a simple shaker door, perhaps with a little bead moulding. There are no raised panels like in traditional kitchens, nor are there flat-panel doors that make the modern kitchen look.

7. Flexible design

Many people love classic kitchens for their flexibility. You can take the classic look and add in modern features to change the way it looks and feels. It can easily turn into a modern or traditional kitchen simply by introducing certain elements like an ornate hood or bar stools.

Overall, classic kitchens are quite popular for a good reason. They possess characteristics that click well with most homeowners and so are a top pick among them.

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