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What were some of the best 2021 designer kitchen trends?

If you are going to renovate and redesign your kitchen, you will want to check out some of this year’s greatest kitchen trends. 2021 has been rather special in that a lot of people have been spending more time at home. Consequently, a lot of them have been cooking and using the kitchen as a social hub and a place to hang out in. As such, this year’s seen some interesting design trends, which facilitate the new needs, all the while staying true to a kitchen that is both visually appealing and functional to use.

Here are some of the major kitchen trends to look out for:

Kitchens with two-toned cabinetry

Cabinets in two tones aren’t exactly a new kitchen trend, but now they have become more popular and it is clear they will stay in the future. The idea behind this design decision is to have contrasting colours adding more character and depth to the kitchen space. They create a fantastic focal point, which could be an island or something else. Mix that with different textures, and you will really have a unique kitchen to look at.

Statement surfaces and splashbacks

If you don’t want to compromise with kitchen colours and still want to stay with the trends, you can experiment with a few elements like surfaces and the backsplash. If you want a unique statement, you can go with a ceiling backsplash and more daring colours, which is seen in more and more kitchen designs of 2021.

Better storage solutions

Having clutter in the kitchen is never a good idea and 2021 trends are seeing this ideology put into practice. Storage is key and the solutions to support it are getting smarter. Concealed kitchen storage ideas are becoming more popular, because they promise a clutter-free area with enough space to keep everything you need close by. Kitchens larders are especially popular.

Kitchen Design 2021

Statement taps

Another statement feature of the kitchen that is seeing more interest people is the tap. You cannot hope for a complete look of the kitchen without a good tap. By pairing a statement tap with a finish that looks the same, you will get a consistent look all around the place.

And island for dining

Islands and breakfast bars have long been a great addition to any kitchen for casual dining, while also providing some much needed storage and workspace. However, dining islands take it to a new level. By extending the normal island area, you get not only the integrated storage benefits of the island, but also an integrated dining area. You can both cook and socialise with the aid of a built-in island seating.

Curved island

Another trend that revolves around the island is the curved kitchen island. Sweeping lines are associated with a contemporary look, but they are also paired with some nice benefits. No sharp means makes it easier to navigate and move around, while seating is also made easier and more comfortable.

Statement floor

If you wish to let the floor do the talking, you won’t go wrong. But, to make the most of a statement floor, you should keep other elements minimal. For example, you can go handleless cabinetry, to further outline the beauty of statement tile. Statement tiles can be particularly effective with open-plan kitchen, in that they can be used for zoning purposes.

It is important to look at the trends of 2021 designer kitchens and pick the one that best serves your lifestyle and your preferences for a kitchen.

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